Whisky Tasting June 2015

Hello All,

A good meeting was held at Tank Bar & Restaurant 32 Turbot Street Brisbane, and again thanks to them for the venue. We had a total of eight members and guests, it was good to catch up with Peter, Shymal and Majella after long absences and we were joined by newby Jeff.

For June Filip went traditional and as it was Ardbeg month we sampled a trio of Ardbeg’s extensive range, including a commemorative whisky celebrating Ardbeg’s 200 years of distilling.
Ardbeg June Tasting

We started with the Ardbeg 10 year old 46% which is an excellent standard of Islay whiskies. The usual amalgamation of citrus, butterscotch and Pear with a wafting of peaty smokiness. A good starter. This was followed by the Perpetuum, an Ardbeg special produced to celebrate their 200 years. This is un-aged and comes as a 47.5% drop. The initial most noticeable feature was alcohol and once you got passed that there was a citrus and pear middle. It mellowed a bit after sitting for a while and the alcohol shot decreased in severity and it became almost drinkable (for me).

We rounded off with the Uigeadail (Pronounced Oo-gah-dale) a blended un-aged malt running at 51.7%. Here was the opposite of the Perpetuum where the alcohol was melded into the overall taste of orange citrus and pear and slipped down the throat with great satisfaction.
On the night the Uigeadail was voted the outstanding, followed by the 10 y/o and the Perpetuum causing some discussions. Some liked it a lot and some (me included) thought the dominance of alcohol spoilt the overall taste presentation.

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Next meeting will be of the 29th July at Tank Bar & Restaurant. Please note this will be the AGM so have your $75 membership fee (as well as the $25 meeting fee) to vote.

See you then,
Gregory Hudson