Whisky Tasting January 2014

The January meeting of the QMWS was held at Tank bar and dining.

Whiskies were Guager’s choice. Members and guests thoughts included;

Clynelish 14 y.o. (46%abv)

Compared well to some favourites like Talisker and Bowmore. Floral with a rugged salty edge, spice with a good lingering mouthfeel. Speyside meets the coast. A pronounced blocky complexity that would continue to age well (or blend well) as the oak rounded off the elements. A reminder of blended whiskies from their heyday.

Score: 7.9

Note: At the whisky expo I learnt that the familiar mouthfeel makes up the majority of the blend in Jonnie Walker Gold Label.

Glengoyne 15 y.o. (43%abv)

Sweet spice including cinnamon. Relaxed and light, beautifully modulated, smooth. Disappears after a few minutes but draws you back for more.

Score: 7.1

Tobermory 15 y.o. (46.3%abv)

This whisky was beautifully presented in a box and paper wrapping depicting a quiet seaside town. As this covered bottle we decided to taste it blind (well most of us).

The nose gave suggestions of orange, mandarin, apple blossom, honey and marmalade. The palate was initially quite alcoholic with estimates of abv ranging from 46 to 63%, some thought it improved with a dash of water. There was sweet oak and honey in the mouth with a soft finish.

Score: 7.9

Cheers everyone and see you Wednesday,