Whisky Tasting April 2016

Hello all,

The April meeting of the Grand Central Malt Whisky Sept was held on Wednesday 27th April at Tank Bar and Restaurant 32 Turbot Street Brisbane commencing around 6:30pm.

Due to late notice of the meeting it was an intimate affair as we shared a flight of three Aushentoshan comprising the Classic,  American Oak and 12 Year Old, in that order.

Unusual for Scottish distilled whiskies, all of the flight were Triple Distilled, Single Malt, 40% alcohol and fine examples of Lowlands whiskies.
The Classic is an unaged Single Malt with a subdued nose of fruity flavours.  This was followed by a soft smooth fruit on the tongue with a slight spicy aftertaste.

The American Oak, also an unaged Single Malt, was larger on the nose but well under the usual Scotch intensity.  There were hints of peach and vanilla in the mouth, but again subdued.

The last of the flight was the 12 year old Single Malt. Again, a very soft nose with some fruit but unremarkable nose, very light on.  There is a smooth mouth feel with leafiness and honeysuckle left as an aftertaste.  This one is aged in Oloroso barrels leading to a hint of nuttiness and then finished in bourbon barrels.

For regular scotch drinkers used to big Islay peat, these would be a disappointment.  To anyone who enjoys a light smooth straight whisky these hit the button.  One could easily demolish a half bottle without realising until you tried to stand up.  The consensus of the evening was the 12 year old, followed by the Classic and then the American Oak.  All three were obtained from Dan Murphys at a very reasonable price.