Whisky Tasting August 2016

The initial plan for August was to hold a blind tasting. Unfortunately, August seems to be a busy month for all of us, and only four members could make it. So we made the decision to save opening all the bottles and give our full attention to one single malt.

Strathisla 12yo

“The oldest distillery in the Highlands of Scotland.”

Smooth in flavour and easy 40% alcohol volume, it was so easy to drink that we just had to finish. It was a very typical Speyside whisky with a golden brown colour, elements of butterscotch and a lingering finish.

While it was an enjoyable drop and a general crowd pleaser, not too much stood out. Basically it was excellent quality without being particularly charismatic. However, you certainly wouldn’t complain if it was a bar’s base level single malt.

Plans are already underway for an interesting selection at this month’s tasting. More news will come, but for now, keep Wednesday the 28th of September open.