Whisky Tasting & AGM July 2016

The July meeting, combined with the AGM for the Grand Central Sept., was held at our usual haunt, Tank Bar and Laneway Dining.

Unfortunately, we had to farewell Gregory Hudson as he could no longer continue to attend due to other commitments. Gregory held multiple committee positions over the years and was very much the backbone of the Brisbane branch. We raise our glasses to you.

The formalities of electing a new committee saw Filip Pilioras maintain his well suited role of Gauger (by unanimous vote) and take on the role of Exciser. Nath Martyn was elected Scribe and also took on the role of Chieftain.

In previous years and societies there has been a Bard elected to present poetry at the start of meetings. While we like to leave the poetry to the creation of fine whisky, we have reprised the role of the Bard with a new take; Researcher. Our new Bard, Lee Medling, will present some of the history of key distilleries and origins of whisky each month.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Deanna Pilioras for her unofficial role these past years as our “Electoral Steward”. She helped to manage much of the digital side of the Whisky Society, including the development of this new website and some of the changes that will come to be in the next few months.

September Whisky SelectionThe Whisky Tasting

Being the start of a new financial year Filip felt it was time to clear the whisky cabinet and make room for a new selection. Thus our July tasting was a collection of six whiskies remaining from previous tastings.

For those who had tasted some of these on their opening, it was intersting to note how the taste changes over time with oxidisation, some being more affected than others.

The Glenlivet 12yo

With a great colour and smooth, easy drinking, the Glenlivets are often considered the “yardstick” when it comes to entry level malt whiskies.
Score: 6.3

Arbelour 10yo

One of my personal favourite winter whiskies, many on the night agreed Arbelour was particularly smooth, though this is not always what a whisky drinker is after.
Score: 7

Teeling Whisky

An Irish whisky, the Teeling was considered by some to be “interesting, but not impressive”. While not everyone had a chance to try this dram, it was said (from previous experience) to be awesome with soda and lime.
Score: 7.4

Auchentoshan – American Oak

The first of three from this distillery for the night, thanks to aging in American Oak barrels presented a zesty, almost acidic flavour.
Score: 6.5

Auchentoshan – Classic

Unfortunately I missed out on tasting this one, but it was certainly appreciated by those who tried it.
Score: 6.8

Auchentoshan – 12yo

Aged in bourbon barrels, this single malt disappeared the quickest, in spite of its score. It had a sweetness from the bourbon and was smooth and warm to the drink.
Score: 6.25

Thanks to those who came and took part in the AGM for July. The next meeting will be held Wednesday the 31st August with more details to follow in the newsletter.

Nath Martyn
Scribe & Chieftain