November Award Winning Whisky Tasting

As Covid restrictions ease further, we decided to start November on a strong note with an award winning selection from across Scotland. Due to another great turnout, to a sixth bottle was added to the line-up much to the pleasure of those in attendance. As things slowly return to normal for the most part, we have returned to scoring the drams again as per usual club customs. Surprisingly, there was one key standout favourite of the night.

Spey River Single Malt

The Spey River Single Malt as the name implies, is a Speyside Whisky and is matured in American Oak and finished in Bourbon casks.  It lacks an age statement and caught quite a few members off-guard with its fresh aroma, delicate flavours and sweet, subtle vanilla oaky finish. It was crisp and delightfully fresh whisky.

Overall it was scored at 6.4/10.

Royal Brackla 12 year old

Our second whisky of the night is quite a famous highland scotch; the first to ever receive a Royal Warrant. The Royal Brackla 12 year old is fermented far longer than normal distilleries at around 80 hours creating a much bolder, fruitier flavour. Altogether a strong and sweet dram from the highlands, this one had a mixed reaction depending on our member’s preferences.

It did score slightly higher than the previous whisky with a final result of 6.5/10.

The GlenDronach 12 year old

Having the most awards from the selection of the night and multiple gold awards, this one definitely piqued quite a few people’s interest. Sitting at slightly above normal with an ABV of 43%, this full-bodied and rich sherry whisky was a smooth and fruity delight.

Non Chill-filtered with natural colour, it went down well amongst most members and scored higher than the previous two at a 6.8/10.

Aberlour 12 year old

Returning to a Speyside whisky, the Aberlour 12 is definitely delicious and complex. Double cask and bursting with spices, deep fruity hints due to a sherry finish, and with notes of chocolate, toffee, and cinnamon; this one was a big crowd pleaser of the evening.

Smooth with warm lingering flavours, this dram soared through the ranks scoring a 7.5/10 jumping far ahead of the other whiskies so far.

Bunnahabhain 12 year old

A name as well-known as it is mispronounced outside of Scotland; this Islay stands out amongst others for lacking the heavy peat of its counterparts. Sitting at the highest ABV of the evening at 46.3%, this dram catches you off-guard with its clean, sweet flavours and gentle tail. Ex-sherry Cask, pure malt, and subtle smoke create an approachable yet complex whisky.  

Scoring a 7.3/10 this one was well liked by most.

Ardbeg 10 year old

There are very few who don’t instantly recognise this powerhouse. A well-known Islay with heavy dose of peat yet exceptionally balanced with an aroma of chocolate, spice, and a gentle creaminess. The Ardbeg 10 appears very light and soft in colour hiding its ABV of 46%. Most attendees were not new to this dram yet all of us were excited upon seeing the bottle.

Demolishing the competition, it scored a very high 8.5/10 proving that it’s a classic go-to for a very good reason.

As the year comes closer to an end it was wonderful to have another large turnout and a return to regularity with many of our long-term members in attendance with quite a few new faces joining us for the night. Settling into the new venue at Emporium is working very well for the club and we look forward to continuing our meetings here in the future and finishing the year with a spectacular tasting in December.